Unable to Connect to Internet Radio Station

I am unable to play a particular internet radio station, Matt’s Movie Trax, on my Naim Uniti 2. It is listed in the soundtracks section and also appears on the VTuner site, but will not play through their site either. This has occurred twice in the past and an email to VTuner seems to have resolved the situation, but despite three emails over the past couple of months I’ve had no response and the station is still available.

I can access the internet radio station through my Pulse radio and via laptop or phone, so it is definitely still broadcasting.

Any suggestions as to how I can resolve this are greatly appreciated.



Appears to be vTuner problem - needs some @Stevesky magic.
Also OK on Airable.
PS. A nice station.

It’s not loaded on Naim’s vTuner feed.
I expect a request from Stevesky will fix that

Matt’s Movie Trax is now available again! Thanks for your assistance and support.



Hi @MrCrumbly

As you have spotted the station url is now fixed. This station is a bit.niche and the conversation with vtuner took a few rounds of emails to get it sorted.

Best regards

Steve Harris
Software Director
Naim Audio Ltd.


I stumbled across a station I’d like to play, I added it through vtuner and it won’t stream. Looks like it’s connected but no volume. Works fine in my browser.

Hi Stevsky,

I am trying to get https://www.liskeardradio.com/ as a direct feed to my Uniti Atom but cant figure out how to do it and cannot find it on the station list when I search for it

Would it be possible to add it?

Paging @Stevesky

HI @ElMarko
There is no active stream URL for the Dark80s station, hence there is nothing to play. Often these niche web stations come and go as its a hobbiest thing. If you can find it playing somewhere on a website then we can typically extract the stream URL and make it play on the Naim products,

@Rick - I’ll ask VTuner to add this community station. In the meantime the streaming URL is: https://my4.radiolize.com/radio/8150/radio.mp3
It’s actually an AAC 96kbit stream.
You can add it as a custom via naim.vtuner.com if need be.

Best wishes

Steve Harris
Software Director
Naim Audio Ltd.

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Thanks for the explanation, @Stevesky .

Trying to figure out Naim tuner but much thanks

Oh my god VTuner is pants - managed to login using Ethernet MAC address found an old failed attempt no way to delete that

Overwrote it with the new stream details and logo URL and then press the arrow for enter

Then it asked me for my email and password? Eh - where do you even set that up there doesn’t seem to be register page for email I just have a username and login for the forum

Anyway thanks for trying to help Stevesky

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