Unable to delete Qobuz favourite

Qobuz have removed one of the albums that I had in favourites (they have replaced it with the HiRes version). I can add the new one to favourites with no issue but I am unable to delete the old favourite. It just returns “No result matching given argument” and then returns to the Favourtes listing screen.

Probably one for Naim but I thought I would ask here for any ideas or if I am doing something wrong.

Are you going via the Naim app or the Qobuz app direct?

Try the Qobuz native application

I was trying to do this via the Naim app.

Thank you for the suggestion; deleting it via the Qobuz app has worked (I had always assumed that the favourites set up in the Naim app were independent of the Qobuz app but clearly not).

I’ve had this issue repeatedly and the only way to do this is via the Qobuz app or their web site.

You’re welcome, glad it’s sorted.

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