Unable to update Mu-So to new software revision

Hello all,
My Mu-So comes up with “Update available” sometimes from the App, but when I tap the download icon, it thinks about it for a second, then says “No firmware update details available”. It’s hard-wired into my hub and plays internet radio from our fibre-optic broadband connection just fine.
I’m currently running Build 4691, Streamer version 1.6.00 and I believe 1.8.00 is available?
Any ideas? So far Naim support have been hopeless, suggesting I “select settings and check for updates” which is nonsense as there is no “check for updates” option within the settings.
Is there a download link for the latest firmware so I can install it via the web interface?
Many thanks for any pointers,

Are you running the app on iOS or Android? Have you tried rebooting the device that is running the app? There should be a section within Settings called Check for updates. Alternatively, try force quitting the app itself and restarting it.


Besides the suggestions Stephen has, you should also try restarting the muso.

In the app you select the muso room, then you select settings and “check for updates” is near the bottom of the list.


Hi guys,
Many thanks for your help. I’m using the latest version of the Android App, 2.91. It honestly doesn’t have an option for Check for Updates, I promise! It has:
Alarm clock
Input settings
Room position
Other settings
Product registration

None of these has a sub menu to check for updates. Is there a different app I should be using?

Meanwhile support have come back with a link to download the firmware so I’ll try that.


In the IOS app it is between Room Position and Other Settings. I expect it will work via your web update but otherwise I would suggest finding a mate with an iPhone and get him/her to download the free Naim app and then pop round to yours for half an hour…


Hi David,
Thanks… I’m amazed that in this day and age, a premium company like Naim can fail to have the same functionality in Android as well as iOS? Talk about alienating half of your userbase!
Meanwhile I’ve now had a response from Naim with a download link for the firmware - which they forgot to include in the email.
Far from stellar experience with my Naim kit overall.

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