Under/over tightning DBL/NBL midrange driver torque

What is your experience on sound quality and presentation of under or over tightning the mid rangers driver around its optimal setting of 3.6 NM?

I tighted the midrange drivers on my DBLs only slightly (screws turned maybe 0.5 mm) last night but the perceived sound quality jumped significantly. Much more projected, engaging and faster presentation with an almost an electrostatic quality to it. Amazing. Mayby the previous torque setting was too low?

What would be the perceived effect of under tightning the mid range drivers?

When I was a DBL owner, I’d borrow the torque wrench from my dealer twice a year. I was always amazed at the difference. DBLs are like an LP12 in that they sound best when properly maintained.

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I’ve always found this really difficult to believe. I thought the torque number would be to prevent damage to whatever type of fixture is used and to ensure to fixate firmly enough, rather than for sound quality. Do they use some special gasket or something that needs only be partially compressed?

It’d be interesting to see if this could be identified in a blind test. I feel like this is highly likely to be a psychological improvement knowing that everything’s to spec.

The DBL was like no other speaker. It was like a musical instrument. It needed to be tuned ever so often to play at it’s best. Torquing the drivers was a necessary part of DBL ownership. Proper maintenance was rewarded with great sound.

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