Under tips for naim Ovator

Hi everybody,
I finally found the definitive position for the loudspeakers of my 7.1 multichannel system.
The floor of the room is made of wood, which sub-tips do you recommend for a pair of S600 and three pairs of S400?
Thanks in advance for your answers


Naim Chips, but you are going to need a lot of them, and ‘cheap as chips’ they are not.

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Wow! You have my respect. 8 Ovators in one room!

Greetings from my pair.

You could always repurpose a few £1 coins. No doubt you could drill a bit of a suitable indent on the reverse side.

…or save some money and use 2p coins.

Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves.

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Don’t tell The Royal Mint, though! I think that it’s an ancient crime to adulterate the coinage of the realm.

Yes I think it is. Perhaps use euros then!


Not at the current exchange rate!

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No, we’ve left the European Community, so your suggestion is highly unpatriotic. We mustn’t use Euros, even if it’s only to drill holes in them!!!

And this in the week that we’ve said goodbye to Her Late Majesty and have a new King.

Wow, what are you using to drive all those Ovators?

Chord Silent-Mounts? :flushed::moneybag:

The preamp is a krell hts 7.1 the bluray source is a Pioneer LX91, both modified on the analog section (no hdmi, thank you)
Now that I have found all the Ovator pairs (I bought new the last two in Italy) I will dedicate myself to looking for a 252 + SC + 300 for the front and three NAP250 for the other channels … The current amps are provisional of course. …
Main stereo source: Ndac + XPSdr, Unitiserve and ND5-XS2.
I guarantee you that listening in multichannel with Ovator is fantastic, I can’t wait to complete the full naim system


Wow - this is amazing! Cheers from one pair S600

Using chips from B&W loudspeakers under my Ovators and my hifi racks, works fine for me: Price is modest and they do what I expected, did not compare to Naim chips though


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