I am in the market for a Uniti Star and have e mailed a number of dealers about ex demo machines .
Several dealers have not had the courtesy to reply to my enquiries and the replies that I have received have not inspired me …poor descriptions little information etc.
The price of a unity Star represents a not inconsiderable outlay to me and I am very disappointed at the service i have received .

Man emails dealer and says ‘Rather than buy equipment from you at the normal price, I want you to sell me a cut-price piece of kit’.

Dealer doesn’t respond.



Man goes into car showroom and buys vehicle at MRRP
Dealer does respond …welcome to reality.


How quick is it to send an e-mail saying sorry not able to help.


Can’t see this thread going anywhere but down.
Swinnerton, what exactly are you asking?


If you take to the internet to vent your frustration about something so trivial, that perhaps comes across in your email. Being friendly and nice works wonders. Why not pick up the phone? It really helps to establish a relationship with a chosen dealer, local or otherwise. It works wonders both in service and price. They like you, they prioritise you. You’re not just some random bloke emailing.


We are in a recession and the dealers are struggling to survive. Why would they sell off their demo gear. It takes 200hours to run in!
If you’re looking for a cheap unit use a well known auction site .


Agree with HH. Pick up the phone, everyone’s a little weird during this Covid crap.
I’m sure that walk-in traffic used to pay some of the rent, and that’s not happening.


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" I wish to buy an ex demo Uniti Star. You have such a machine listed on your website please send further details"

Is that actually what you wrote? Verbatim? If so, I wouldn’t answer it. What details do you want exactly? Just call them and have a chat.


Many high end HiFi dealers are small businesses and If they have any sense will not waste their time responding to bargain hunting emails as they will receive many from people who are not really serious about a purchase. From my experience if you pick up the phone, that suggests you are serious and you may be pleasantly surprised at the response.

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Reads more like a WW2 telegram


I joined this site a few days ago and received some helpful and constructive advice about my rather modest and elderly Naim system
Following on from that advice I decided to look for a Unity Star to replace my existing amp cd player and tuner.
I looked at the websites of various dealers who were advertising ex demo Uniti Stars .
I feel I sent them a reasonable request for further details .
I received a couple of cursory replies basically stating the same info as per the website.
I’m sorry if I have offended anybody and I have decided following the vituperative responses not to post any further messages .
I wish everyone well in this difficult time


Good grief. If you think the responses were vituperative it may be worth re reading your original post. As ye sow, so shall ye reap.

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I would like to share my experience of the last few days.
I looked at a well known website of a dealer in the midlands. In an email I expressed an interest in an LP12, stated my overall budget, and asked for more information (arm, PS, cartridge). That was Saturday afternoon.
Monday morning I had a brief response saying that they were busy at the moment but if I would care to ring the next day we could discuss the options. I rang back and a deal was made.


Mixed feelings about this tbh. On the one hand if you can see a used box you want on their site I’m not sure why email would be the next step. A call would be quicker to make and quicker to elicit exactly the information you need. Most good dealers also then get you on their system because they know you’re a real person not a mass mailer and so they think of you when other options come up.

On the other hand it costs little in competence or time to set up an email auto-responder to invite people to call in or call and often less time to just answer the damn email. It tells you a or a lot a dealer when you look at how they respond to different channels.

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Best to talk to the dealers if looking for ex-demo or discount from new. Many of them are unlikely to put into email their offers which could get circulated anywhere beyond their control.

If you don’t have a trade-in then a good % discount should be obtainable - to start with dealers in Hertfordshire is my recommendation for Naim…

I think email autoresponders are not a good guide to anything. All they tell you is that it’s a real email address but no-one is monitoring it closely currently.

I saw some speakers that interested me on the website belonging to a well known used HiFi dealer recently and after thinking about it for an hour or so, rang them. Ten minutes later I had bought them. I’m not sure an email would have elicited any useful information and maybe someone else would have bought them before I did.



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I’ve been at this game for 40 years now and I’ve come across dealers who’ll go the extra mile, dealers who are helpful and dealers who’ll do just enough to sell you something. I’ve only ever encountered two dealers I wouldn’t want to do business with, but I’d never find out which is which by sending an email. Pick up the phone or call in and see them.

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I’m sorry to read of your experience.

Most of us come here for pleasure. Consequently, I’m not sure that we are the right audience for what I perceive as a complaint.

This doesn’t stop me from hoping that you can work something out. It would be a shame to deny yourself the pleasure of owning Naim because of a reaction on social.

Cheers, C.