Uneven output

I have a Uniti star with Sopra 1’ speakers only about 3 months old.
The positioning is usual equilateral triangle but there always seems more sound coming out of right speaker,
Regardless of Whether it’s a cd or streaming.
Any ideas?

It could be the room itself. Can you try changing around the speaker cables, connect those to the right speaker to the left one and vice versa. That will tell you if it’s the Star or the room (or the speakers, but that’s highly unlikely).


A picture would help , :grin:

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I may have a slightly similar situation. I have never bothered to find the root cause, but just adjusted the balance by +1 to one side. However I do have a theory, it’s likely the room furnishing. The side that is ever so slightly lower in volume has a couple of shallow cupboards on the wall between myself and the speakers. One being a classic IKEA CD cupboard - repurposed. I think the sound waves are quite a bit diffracted there. The other side is not furnished at all, a plastered brick wall with artwork.

This is the fastest surest way to find out if it is the Star. +1 from me for this suggestion.

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