Uneven playback on ND555 system

About 2-weeks ago my system was updated and now includes:
ND 555 with 2 555 PS DR
NAP 500 DR
NAC 552 DR
Full-loom on Fraim
I have not upgraded Ethernet cables waiting for response from Naim whose answer so far is no answer.
Speakers Avalon Precision Monitor 1

On symphonic recordings high resolution or not from Qobuz or Tidal the music is mostly crisp, coherent and largely excellent. Same performances on CDs ripped on my Uniti Core sound mostly strained and smeared especially in sections of massed strings or horns. Small ensembles, quartets, trios, instrument recitals, especially from Qobuz sound the most musically accurate of anything I have ever heard in my home and of course the most satisfying. Until year ago I lived with my belated CDS3 where my CDs sounded very good to excellent, or were discarded.

Any suggestions on how this might might be improved?

This doesn’t sound right (excuse the pun). Can you provide a bit more information about your streaming set up and how you Core signal gets to the ND555 compared to on-line streaming.

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Naim don’t make ethernet cables - what response are you looking for?

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I have the same system except for speakers … all my rips sound great. I have noticed that DSD rips sound good but not astonishing…all my collections are flac’s as far as possible…the ND555 seems to love those. These days I mostly stream from Qobuz which is excellent…
What format are the CD’s ripped to? Try ripping the same CD on something like DB poweramp as flac lossless from a pc/laptop…and see how that sounds…I suggest putting it on a usb stick and playing directly from ND555…just to remove the core out of the equation.

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I think people have mentioned that Naim have often used Chord C stream ethernet cables. I personally prefer AQ Vodka ethernet cables.


This definitely seems like an unusual issue, I just got a well reviewed Ethernet cable from a diy store :joy:. I’ll be interested to see what solutions you find to your problem and if you do change your Ethernet what effects it has. Hope your music is great all the time soon.

I found changing the ethernet cable makes a profound difference…try and borrow a used one from a good dealer…as they need running in…I bought a Cat 7 generic cable and it made the system horrible…be warned…

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You could also try connecting the Core as an HD player rather than an Upnp server. You should leave the Ethernet connection alone as you will need it to control the Core, but you could add a digital interconnect between the Core and the ND555. That will allow you to check whether you are not liking the Ethernet connection or the Core itself. You control the Core and what you are playing through the Core room in the app and set the ND555 to whichever digital input you are using.