Unexplainable leap into out of this world bliss

Some here may have followed my path lately. It’s almost a year now, since an S1 pre queen joined my active rig replacing a 552DR, then a lengthy meticulous refurbishment of the DBLs and some tweaking of the LP12 including a new keel -hard to believe, but my old one turned out to be bent :see_no_evil:- a Karousel installed and an ocd diy setup of the deck, oh and two more ineffable chables. But it was not until just recently when I revisited the potty settings of the snaxo and somehow seem to have hit a sweet spot, that my system really opened up. It’s not just a small step but a complete transformation or call it revelation, and a total contradiction to the law of diminishing returns. Looking back now I can only but wonder that I wasn’t really listening to music before ever. It’s the ease, the precision the richness of details the fine colorations of instruments a limitless size of the stage and an emotional involvement un experienced ever before. I can’t imagine it’s just the tweaking of the potties that made this huge difference but rather think this was some sort of a final step towards an almost magic system synergy with everything just right now. you might argue it comes at such a huge price I should just stop posturing, but honestly I am not, literally I am in tears…


That’s great @Charlie! I have followed your progress for a couple of years now, and I have seen the immense amount of effort you have put in to your system to get the very best from it. You, and a few others in this place are a great example to us all in this respect. I am thrilled for you that your system is giving back some of the love you gave to it. Well done!!

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Well done. It’s nice when something just comes together.

I moved my speakers jst one inch this evening and everything just went up a notch. Not quite to out of this world level, but sublime just the same.



Lots of tweaks we can do if we can summon up the courage. Great to hear you are really getting the best from your amazing set up. I think mine sounds better since I powered down the other day to get the pot shots for you. Maybe the Burndy got de-stressed? Who knows. Happy days anyway.

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Well done, Charlie.

I’ve got a vicarious enjoyment out of observing your steady climb to construct something really special.

It’s a system to relax and listen to now.

In the meanwhile my system has got a lovely plateau that makes me very happy too, and I find it extremely difficult to force myself to go to bed these days.




Do you happen to have any extra of the drugs you took? If yes, I want some! LOL


:thinking: @Mitch
hm … my lady prepared some mushrooms lately, with the effect still ongoing…:joy:


Many thanks again for the sharp potty shots😂, they are extremely helpful. It turns out mine have never been pre-set by naim. There are a few strange things I have noticed with the Snaxo over time. For example quite annoying pops -potty pops🙈 so to speak. I have always wondered where the came from and did suspect the snaxo to be the culprit, which are just gone now. I have kept mine still just covered with an olive cartbord shoe box from my daughter, without the metal sleeve. As it sounds so sublime I am really hesitant to touch anything further at the moment.

Exactly, thats my experience too, and it may take a very long time, just never stop exploring and experimenting with setups, settings, cable dressings, speaker positionings etc, you may be surprised what further potentials suddely are revealed

Thank you so much for your very kind words. Its feels very gratifying for me

I know exactly what you mean, I cant get myself into bed either. All the records I think I knew are uncharted teritory again. Sometimes it gets impossilbe to listen to more than one or two songs in a row now, as its emotionally so involving. I get sucked into the music and totally overwhelmed litterally it goes under your skin.

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Well Charlie, isn’t it amazing how our tinkering can take us to heavenly places, well done!? :clap:t2:
…and do keep munching on those mushrooms :yum:
Enjoy Peter


My system seems to go through a morphing process where things just can’t seem to get any better and recorded music leaps into another realm. This can sometimes last for weeks. Then I’ll have a power cut or I’ll accidentally move something and the system just slips back a notch or two. It’ll still be playing at 99.9% but that shift of 0.1% can be dramatic and have me riveted to my seat for hours, taking me to live venues or inside recording studios. Every track just becomes an adventure into the musical unknown. I love it!


Something I keep asking myself is just by how much these truly magic moments of musical experience are objective or more dependent on ones subjective disposition

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Or incoming mains variations?

Or main incoming variations :see_no_evil::wink::joy:

Well done Charlie
This gives us all hope!!

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