Uninstall then reinstall app - lost playlist & favourites


I recently bought some hi-res files which we installed straight into my NAS’s music folder. However they were inconsistently appearing in the app so I tried rebooting the NAS (Basic Synology) and then rebooting my 272 but I couldn’t get the albums to consistently appear correctly in the app.

So I’ve uninstalled the App on my Ipad and, umm, many years of playlists have all disappeared. I don’t suppose there’s a way of getting them back is there?

Also any idea why the hi-res files are being weird? I’ve done this before with no problems. The albums are showing in the app but with no tracks and no artwork. If I search via the 272 it finds them ok, hence uninstalling the app.

Unfortunately the Naim app stores its playlists locally, so they will be deleted if you delete the app, as you have just discovered. It used to be possible to restore from backup using the old iTunes backup of an iPhone, but I’m not sure if there is still a way to do this.

Try to restore from an iCloud backup, assuming you have that enabled.

I kept the playlist on 2 of my IOS devices. I copied playlist from iPad to iPhone. Then, I have a back up!

Another time, the way to reinstall the app but to not lose the settings of the old one, is to ”offload” the app. And then install it again.

But on the other hand, the only reason to delete and reinstall an app is the last resort one that that process does delete the settings, including, the small but not zero possibility of an unknown troublesome one.



Yes, as long as you update them manually each time you make changes, that works.
A better solution to my mind is to use the server to create playlists. Then the app just views them rather than storing them. This is more reliable in my experience, as the Naim app seems to have a habit of corrupting its own playlists as well as losing them if deleted.

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