Uninstalling DTClient App' & then re-installing latest version?

Hi to all, excuse my ignorance, but can someone please tell me the best/easiest way of doing this?; On the Naim ‘site it has the upgrades (up to, but the way that reads suggests starting at the 1st version, then upgrading 1 by 1; Ultimately I just want to remove current DTClient (version App’ and re-install App’ to that version.
Haven’t been able/can’t get it to connect to Hard Disc Player etc and was advised trying this.
Thanks in advance.

There is a later version of the DTC than Naim have on their website. If you contact Naim support then they can let you have it. It is on the firmware upgrade CD, but they have never published that although it’s widely available.

You can uninstall the old version just by using the Uninstall software option in Windows.

…thanks so much David.

@robert_h I remember you had the latest version of the DTC and as the music-line link doesn’t lead to it any more, I wondered whether you might be able to save Naim support another job by providing a link for the OP like I think I recall you doing once before?

Here you go, this is the version that comes with 1.7c. The “fromsmash” ink below is good for 14 days.
Probably redundant though, it seems to be exactly the same as the version that shipped in the iso for 1.7b which can be downloaded from naim here https://www.naimaudio.com/sites/default/files/products/downloads/files/RS2402_1.7b%20Hard%20Disk%20Player%20Server%20Update.zip
I’ve just installed both and they’re the same.


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Interesting that they are the same because when we were beta testing 1.7c, I recall being told that there was a new DTC to install too. So I did, but never thought about whether or not it was actually different!

Anyway that’s a very useful piece of information Robert! Easier to help future members with problems.

I’ve still got my 1.7c beta RC1 CD somewhere. Would be interesting to look and see what was on that…

Actually I was focused on the naim desktop client version, but there’s a v slight change in the dlls between 1.7b and c: (image below is 1.7b)
that “Sophia” one has gone from .259 to .260, all the others appear to be the same.

…sorry for my delayed reply, but thanks again.
All the best,

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