Unit and Mu-so setup

Hi everyone,

Hopefully a quick question here. I own a Unit Atom, love it, think it’s amazing. I was looking to add a Mu-so or a QB to the other end of the house.

Now, will I be able to play/stream music from the Uniti Atoms connected hard drive wirelessly, through the network, to the mu-so/QB? Would I be able to do this without needing a core, and without needing to have music playing in the room with the atom?

If I set that Atom to server mode will that make it all work or do I need something else?

Hoping this is just a case of setting the mu-so/QB as a room and managing it all through the app.

Thank you all in advance!!


Hi, with Server mode enabled on the Atom and music files on a USB drive attached to the front or rear USB port, the Muso can find them and play them.

You can also use multiroom mode to play from any input to both devices simultaneously, but that’s a different thing altogether.

Nice one, thanks Chris!

Confirmed. I’m doing the same setup (well… Star iso Atom… and QB mk1), works fine. Fills the whole apartment with music.

Just check to have “decent” network connectivity across the house…
… anything cabled will do; but if 1 device (or both) is placed at the far range of WiFi, there might be issues.

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