Unit Atom display

On the italian Naim web site I can read this note:

“Uniti Atom features a 5” glass LCD display with a proximity sensor that wakes up when you get close,“

I can’t get it to work, I’m doing something wrong or the sensor isn’t working. Or there isn’t. :thinking:

Hi Tony - sorry to hear that. As a default, the display is showing cover art only with more information e.g. title and elapsed time when you get closer to the unit.

Is the display black and not showing anything at all?

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The display is on and shows cover art and song data. From the description I read I understood that it should activate when you get close. In the sense that it is off and when you get close it turns on. As in Mu-so. But maybe I misunderstood…

If the screen is set to ‘off during playback’ it should come on when you get close, say 15 to 30cm. Initially it shows the info screen, then the art, then goes off.

If the screen is set to be on while playing, it shows cover art. When you get close it switches to the info screen, then reverts to the cover art.

Ok I get it, when I get home I’ll try if everything works correctly. Thank you!

Any update?

Yes, everything works fine, as you told me, I just misunderstood. :sweat_smile:

Happy to hear that, enjoy!

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