UNITI 1 Airplay

hello all Naimers,

does anyone know or a Airplay dongle connected on the USB port of my Uniti 1 will work ?
i use now a old Apple TV connected, but the newer Apple TV don’t have a digital audio out anymore.
i would like to keep using my Qubuz,

thanks for your answers

Hi, you can stream qobuz to a uniti by using bubbleupnp; which feeds services such as qobuz via the network.

You could use a chromecast audio which has optical digital out but it is not usb.

The only thing that will work into the USB port is an iOS device, so you could use that but you will need a wired connection.

An Airport Express connected with an optical cable is a tried and tested way to use AirPlay.

BubbleUPnP server as Robert mentions is a good alternative, probably the best option for sound quality.

If you use the old Apple TV now, why not just keep it?

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