Uniti 1 upgrade

Hi…I have a Uniti 1 with upgraded board, Nap 200 and Linn keilidh speakers…looking to upgrade and happy with the Uniti but not sure what to upgrade next to improve the system…could I add a Hi-Cap to the Uniti’s pre-amp or should I just go for a new pre-amp(282) or new speakers…however I’m not sure I can connect the uniti through a new pre-amp??
Has anybody done any of the above and if so was it worth it…thanks

You cannot add a Hicap to the Uniti, but it has a line out so you could connect it to a preamp. If you did so, you’d find that the Uniti was then the weak point, and would be outclassed by a 282/200. Do you need the CD player in the Uniti, because if you do it rather limits your options. Maybe a Uniti Star would fit the bill. If you don’t need the CD player you have more options: you could get an NDX2 and a 282 and Hicap. Or an NDX2 and swap the 200 for a Supernait 3. Or just get a Nova all in one. Or if you can live with its functionality, a used 272 may be perfect.

Welcome to the Forum. You’ll get lots of useful advice, just think it through and make sure you end up with something that works for you.

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