Uniti 1 upgraded and qobuz

Hello naim experts!
I stream qobuz on my uniti 1 with streaming card upgraded to 24/192
BubbleUpnp is my control point on an android samsung tab
No problems wuth 24/44 but for stream in 24/96 and more i have stream cuts
The buffer monitoring from the display of the uniti shows a drop in the buffer after a short period.
( shorter and shorter as the resolution increases)

I dont know if this is related with the buffer size of the uniti or if it is a question of adsl line ?

Is it a known issue ?
Is there a solution other than the reduction of the quality in the bubble upnp options ?

Thank you very much in advance

Hi Jean-Luc, how is your home network set up? It is not unusual for WiFi to struggle with audio higher than 16/44, but with a wired connection it should work.

I have no issues streaming Qobuz 24/192 over a wired connection.

Oh thanks for this response.
I’m also over a wired connection and I can stream locally from my Synology Nas 24/192 perfectly.
The problem seems to be related to my internet ADSL connection
Here is a speedtest

Here is internet connection spec from the music service (Qobuz) (Sorry in french

As exemple the bandwich is

  • 24 bits Ă  176,4 kHz, dĂ©bit = 8467 kbps

So i don’t understand why with a test at 15 Mbps (15660 kbps excatly) I cannot stream correctly a theoretical stream around 8,5 Mbps …

It’s your upload speed that is quite likely to be the issue here. ISPs shout loudly about download speeds but upload speeds are very important.

I too suspect the upload speed could be the problem. That’s very slow for the download speed you are getting.
I only get a paltry 4.5MB down, and about 1MB up. I can stream 16/44 FLAC reliably as long as nobody else in the house is trying to stream TV etc. at the same time. I would contact your ISP and ask then if they can improve this.

My upload speed is very slow indeed…
But I wasn’t aware about this…
Why do you think this is the so important ?
When streaming, datas come from the distant server no ?!
What datas goes to the server from the local machine…


Streaming requires data to flow in both directions. Although most data is being recieved, your streamer is constantly sending a smaller amount of data back to the server.

Hi Chris

Thanks for info
I’ve made a new test from my PC located in my office.
First the speedtest :

As you can see my results are really less
Only 6865 kbps for download and 587 kbps in upload

As I write this response I listen the Symphony N°3 “Eroica” by Pittsburgh orchestra in 24/192 without any cut undo the Qobuz Web player…

I could try with a PC software like FOOBAR (but It’s not already installed and I have to check how to configure it for Qobuz…

I suspect something wrong whit the buffer size… but clearly we can stream with a low bandwidth !!!

It depends what else is using the bandwith too. You only need your phone to be sending/receiving emails for example and the bandwidth is used up. Your home broadband ratio is unbelievably poor - 19:1!

Change ISPs.

If you have a helpful internet provider, they should be able to investigate this and probably change some settings to improve your upload speed. I would call them and ask for help.

My test are made (at home) without anything other than my Uniti… (Ethernet switch off and wifi off…)
At office I’ve made my test directly without any special settings (several pc working slowly in the morning) but with my email software open and Mozilla working…

Il will follow the suggestion by Chris and contact my ISP…

But there is clearly something wrong here…

I will inform for the evolution…

Bonne chance!

It’s also about the latency and the packet loss. I think of a stream from say Tidal servers to a Naim streamer as a conversation. If the Naim streamer doesn’t keep up its conversation in the way the Tidal server expects, it’s going to be rather like if you are writing down an address that someone is reading out for you. If you don’t say OK or Right or whatever after each line, the server thinks that last line may have got lost and asks if it’s ok or repeats it or something. If the Naim streamer doesn’t respond in the time window, the server doesn’t know what to do so stops. Or something like that. The type of conversation will depend on the architecture of the implementation at the streamer end, which is why the new streamers are ok and the legacy ones aren’t.

Also another point is that the speed, latency and packet loss in the bit of circuit between your isp and you is the easy bit. Likely worse than that and possibly a lot worse is the performance between the ISP and the Tidal server. Again how much worse the impact is will depend on the implementation in the streamer.

No doubt SinS can translate this into more techy language if anyone wants.



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I had the uniti1 with streaming upgrade and streaming hires from qobuz did work fine.

Are you streaming directly from your mobile device via the Bubble UPnP app to the streamer? Or are you using the Bubble UPnP server, too? I recommend to use the Bubble UPnP server, e.g. installed on an NAS that ideally is connected hardwired (so no wifi) to the uniti. Maybe this server can help a little bit by buffering the data? Also the wifi connection of your mobile device does not matter then. Streaming via the server also sounds better on your uniti1 because you can enable on the fly transcoding flac to wav in the Bubble UPnP server.

But indeed, first try to get a better internet connection.

I had assumed that J-L was using BubbleUPnP server, but maybe not? He has a Synology NAS, so it would run on that. Certainly worth trying.


Yes I stream directly from bubble upnp app on my samsung tab (as control point)…
Uniti stream alone qobuz as i can shut down the tab

No I don’t use bubble upnp server
I just discovered this application yesterday
I see i understand it can be possible to install it on my synology nas
I have not yet taken the time to understand that could bring this software

could you explain what it is for you?
This seems to beva great solution
Bubble server can bufferring the stream?
If I understand correctly i can transcode in wav?
(All my local library is in waw because this sound better than flac on the uniti so i suppose this a good solution with qobuz too…

Thanks a lot for further infirmation on this…

I will look to increase my upload bitrate from my ISP

Ps for davidhendon
I m not sure to completly (or exactly) understand what you ve said
It very technical
Of course i interested SInS explaibation if he can
This seems to go in the direction of a NAim uniti 1 issue…
Not a bandwith issue or both ?
A software issue in the uniti ? Or hardware ?

I will search in all directions (as said above)
I ve tested a conection of a customer this afternoon from ORANGE ISP
Download arround 9,5 kbps
Upload idem !,
So my upload value is really bad
I will try on the orange box at my neighbors on the lower floor…

You can run BubbleUPnP Server on many different devices, including a Synology NAS. Also MAC, PC, Linux. See this link for instructions:
I don’t know if the BubbleUPnP Android app can control it. I use the Lumin app on iPhone. Linn Kazoo is another one.
This will allow you to play from Tidal, Qobuz and your own music stored on the NAS. It costs nothing, so give it a try.
I have only used this to stream 16/44, so I can’t say how it will work with high res Qobuz streams. I think you will still need to contact your internet provider for help with your variable speeds.

So you are actually streaming over WiFi and not wired. This is getting closer to the problem now. :smiley:

Chis have you tried to stream at upper resolution (24/44 or 24/48 ?)…

No at all
Bubble UPNP is only the control point.
My uniti is wired
If i Shut down the tab or more radically shut down the Wifi at the box level (so there isn’t any wifi active) the streamer continue to work…

Thank a lot for help