Uniti 2 Digital Inputs

Connected Chromecast Audio via Toslink Interconnect into Digital 1 input No Signal displayed.
Reconnected into Digital 2 and the Chromecast now connects to the streaming sources available.
Problem is Digital 2 is already connected to TV audio output.
Welcome advice from the forum if anyone has experienced this problem.

Maybe try temporarily swapping the TV into Digital 1 so you can narrow down if the input is working.

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Thank you for your reply advising switching to Digital 1 for TosLink connection.
I have subsequently discovered from the Uniti Manual that TosLink Digital connections only work on Digital 2 and 4 channels. Digital 1 and 3 are for RCA Phono connections.
Have now set up the Chromecast on Digital 4 and it is performing well streaming TIDAL and BBC Sounds.

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