Uniti 2 display

Dear Naim,
First sorry for my English and not sur that I’m writing under the right topic.

I have a uniti 2 since 2013 and I love my all in one.
I would like to share and ask my experience this device.

At the beginng I had problem with CD player not reading correctly or reconising some CD. The reseller told me that is depending of the quality of the CD. After that I had an issue with the power supply switch and plug. I finally found a reseller who was able to fix both issue for free. It was a recognize issue assumed by the reseller and the Naim support in Switzerland.
In April 2018 after coming back from holidays, so happy to switch on my Uniti 2, I discovered that the display is not working anymore.!!! Back to my reseller he told me it is an identified issue and cost more that 650 CHF to fix in the best case !!!
Woaw 3 major issue with a quality Hi-Fi Naim device in less than 5 years !
I have decided in a first time to survive with the Android Naim application but now I can’t anymore.
Some features like Speaker and Wi-Fi setting are not available in the Naim mobile phone application.

I’m really disapointed by this and Naim quality of component used in this device.

I’m sorry with that but I think I will give up of Naim. No more confidence in the quality.


welcome in the Unity world … :frowning:

same effect on my Qute
it is now in the hands of FOCAL

Sorry to hear that Jacques. It sounds like you’ve been rather unlucky so far. However, with regard to the OLED display, it seems that they are turning out a bit like laser mechanisms in that we’re all discovering that they have a finite life. The good new is that Naim can still service and replace them, albeit, like laser mechs, there is a charge to do so.

A tip shared on this forum to extend the life of the display as long as possible is to set it to only come on when a function is pressed, after which it goes off again. I’ve done this on all my kit with OLED displays and even the oldest piece is still fine, and I’ve only had one failure so far (it wasn’t a piece of Naim kit).

Hello Richard,
Thanks for the tip, it was my original setting.!

A work around could be to introduce the missing setting like select the type of speakers or wifi configuration in the Naim smartphone application.

Any chance to have it in a near future ?


I couldn’t say Jacques. Maybe best asked of Naim.

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Yes I will

And don’t forget to tell us the answer :smiley:

I’d say that the likelihood of adding that functionality is precisely zero. It’s time to pay for a new display unfortunately.

I was told by my dealer that Naim are using a different display now so hopefully these may last longer.

I read somewhere Naim changed the display in 2015 for a more robust solution, fingers crossed as my 272 and UQ2 were built 2015 onwards but my early UQ Mk1 the screen failed thankfully it just fell in the parts warranty and only cost me the labour + postage.

Totally not acceptable with todays electronics, any display should last at least 8-10 years minimum. Naim need a new buyer.

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Yes it’s a way to create your reputation, good or not.
It looks like quality is not an important subject on Naim.
Claim that you have good product is one thing better to show it by acting
Have a nice day

I have the same issue. Literally just sent it off for repair this weekend. Hoping to have it back in tip top shape in the coming weeks. Not sure how long exactly it takes to come back!

Dear All,
My reseeler helped me to set again ON my speakers aitput of my Naim Uniti 2 without display.

For this we used the remote control of the Naim uniti 2.

The sequence is

  1. Press 1 time the button Setting (The little tool touch)
    2 Press Down arrow 3 times
    3.Press OK 2 times
    4 Press Down arrow 1 time
    5 Press Ok
    6 Press 1 time the button setting

It works now my Naim uniti has again the outout speaker ON

Nice to have a good reseller in Switzerland loke mine in Vevey.

Thanks a lot



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