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Hi everyone i just joined this forum today via google search as my Uniti 2 screen has gone from super dimmed to pitch black. It seems that quite a handful of owners have this similar problem and its very pricy for the screen replacement. I have been using the Naim app with Spotify Connect with no problem for the past few months.

However, i would like to add a micro subwoofer to pair with my ProAc Tablette 50 Anniversary bookshelf speakers, still considering on either REL T7X, SVS 3000 Micro or KEF KC62. Upon reading the Uniti 2 manual, it seems like i have to go into setting menu to activate the subwoofer. I have never owned a sub so i have no knowledge on the setting and connection. From what i have read, the easiest would be the High Pass Level connection on REL as it basically connect to speaker terminal, without having to go into the setting menu. SVS and KEF would have to activate the subwoofer setting within the menu which i can’t get access to.

Also i remember there is a small / large speaker setting within the menu which i don’t remember if i have set it up correct (obviously small for my case).

So do u guys think is there a way i can go within the menu setting through combo key but i require someone with Uniti 2 who is kind enough to provide me with the combo keystroke (something like doing combo on Street Fighter lolz).

I don’t think i can sell this Uniti 2 as its rather old model with no screen. I really do fancy the Atom but its way too expensive for me…

The firmware version might manifest as differences between your unit and someone else’s. Unless you are sure they are the same, it could be a bit risky.

My Uniti Qute 2 is also with a dead screen. However, I found that in a truly pitch black room (and I mean not even the glow from another LED across the room), it is just possible to make out the display. Sort of black letters on a slightly different type of black background.

Not everyone has managed to see anything even with that method though.

As another thought, the age of the Uniti is probably getting near the point where the unit is due for recapping and a service anyway. If it is 12+ years old, it may be worth getting both done together. I suspect the original Uniti 2 still can outperform an Atom (a guess, not a fact).

I would suggest that you use the high level input taken from the speaker terminals, certainly with a Rel sub and possibly other models. In this case you would not change to the ‘small speaker + sub’ setting as this passes the signal through a high pass filter, so no low frequency signal would find its way to your sub. The setting is there for use with the low level sub output.

yeah thats what i thought with REL high level input. I don’t think i can use it with SVS and KEF since i can’t get into the settings menu.

i forgot to mention i just update the firmware to the latest version last month. Its been my first ever update since i own it as i seldom use it lolz.

My 8 year old Uniti2 is also having screen problems and I was quoted £200 to fix and a 5 to 6 week turnaround time as it goes from my dealer to naim for the repair.

Referring to my Uniti 1 to do this blind, you need to press the “spanner” button on your remote, then “down” three times, then “ok” twice, then “down” once (assuming you are on the “Large” setting - there is no “Small” setting that I can see), then “ok” once again, and then the “spanner” button twice. Then plug the sub into the sub out.

wow thats alot for a green screen. i guess i will continue to use it as it is until it finally give up then.

i remember on my unit there is a small / large speaker setting, i am not sure if Uniti 1 has the same setting as Uniti 2. anyway thank you very much i will try when i get back home.

It’s about half the standard Naim pricing for a service, or a repair. Though it does sound more than they were charging for a screen replacement a while ago, which I thought was £150 odd.

fwiw I chose to have my UnitiQute 1 screen replaced as part of a full service and board upgrade last December - that was about £500 all in. I thought that good value considering the parts list and work likely involved.

Given the way of things with shortages and items going out of stock, or unavailable, I’m with feeling_zen here, it might be worth getting the screen done whilst you know you can and asking for a quote for a full service at the same time. Here’s what a new screen looks like brightness wise :sunglasses:

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I think it would be expensive just for courier alone as i am in Asia.

One side of my Audeze LCD3 frazor was damaged and i also end up putting in the cabinet after getting a quote as its not only costly to repair, the high shipping fee and lifespan is not guaranteed as well. I didnt know planar magnetic headphone is so damn fragile until i googled when mine broke.

I guess i will have to live with it without the screen for now. Maybe go for the Atom when i have the spare cash, or the NAD M10 V2 :smile:

Ah yes, there’s a thread somewhere about service options outside the UK, US and EU - worth a quick search… nvm, found it:

Was the last related post for JP service options. Thread closed but you can ask for it to be reopened by emailing Naim support, marking the email for the attention of Richard Dane, and asking him nicely to reopen it :slight_smile: I have no idea if there is any more official movement on the servicing in APAC, or if a JP specific option is of any use to you.

Good luck, and being honest, my UQ1 runs almost permanently with the screen off anyway, I very rarely have need to use it with it on!

Sadly there is not. Clair was looking into this. She left and the matter went no further.

I’m not holding my breath. But with how global prices and delays developed over recent years, I’m more likely to just use the gear until it needs recapping and then ditch it and buy something else local.

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I have just sent an email to Naim requesting for quotation but dont have high hopes. anyway thank you guys appreciated the advices.

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Sorry to ask @Richard.Dane - I’m sure your list of things to ask whilst at the factory was very long, did you have any news for Asia based repair and service options?

No, sorry. I did though ask about servicing in general though and I get the impression that what can be done and what is no longer possible (parts usually) is being reviewed and with a bit more clarity. So watch this space…

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