Uniti Atom 3rd party remote controller?

Hi, I just got my Atom headphone edition, and I have a question about the remote control. Is it possible to control the unit using a 3rd party remote controller, ie like the Logitech Harmony? Or is the factory remote controller and the app, or Roon the only way to control it? many thanks!

The new Uniti remotes use the Zigbee system, which does not work like normal IR remotes, using your wifi network instead. This means IR universal remotes won’t work.

Zigbee does not use the WiFi network. It does use the same frequencies.

Thanks guys. Are there Zigbee universal remote controllers out there?

True, Zigbee is based on the IEEE’s 802.15.4 personal-area network standard. My point was though that it’s not IR so doesn’t work like most other remotes.

Harmony has an extension thingie that supports zigbee. Quick Google suggests there might be one or two other ones. I have no idea whether any of the above will work with Naim.

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