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Hello Naim Community,

I’m looking to see if I can add Icons, such as Tidal or Qobuz to the Naim Home screen. I see the question was asked last year, but hopeful one of the new software updates permits addition of other Icons. If addition of Icons is not permitted and we are pushed to the app, perhaps we could trade out existing icons on Atom Home screen such as Spotify for Qobuz etc… I thought I read a resent update included some new additions of these icons. That said I could have misinterpreted what was added to the app. If you have some experience here, would you be kind enough to share with me.

I just set up the Uniti Atom & Core in my office and I am really impressed with just about everything. Beautiful, small, compact and very respectable sound.

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For the services available only via the app (Tidal and Qobuz) or externally driven and initiated (Airplay, Roon), there is no icon on the Uniti series device screen. The request to include some form of Tidal and Qobuz control via the remote (eg as had been available in the original streamers) has been requested by users; that might be worth a note to Naim to add your voice but afaik it is not on the roadmap.

Congratulations on your new Atom, enjoy!

Regards alan

Thank you

Considering you need to use the app to navigate to find music in a streaming service it’s rather pointless having it on the devices home screen. You cant search a streaming service using a remote its just not practical.

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