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I am looking to buy a Uniti Atom to use as a music streamer, primarily for hi res Qobuz.
I currently have a predominantly Naim system: CD5x and NAC122x.
Question is, which will provide best music quality the Atom or Atom HE? and how am I best hooking this up to my NAC amp?

Thanks in advance.

You should look at the nd5xs2. You don’t need an amp or preamp as you have both already.

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If of help, I have my Atom HE connected directly to a Supernait 3 and it works perfectly and sounds superb to me, allows adjusting the signal input to the SN3 or volume either way without any SQ loss.

The ND5XS2 indeed does not have the preamp and is more straightforward in that sense but to me the Atom HE sounds better and I prefer it even to the NDX2.

If you have a chance for an audition between the ND5XS2 and the Atom HE that would be helpful but they also differ in their features and connectivity which may be important to you.

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Thanks Robert, appreciate that advice. Could you please offer any advice on how best to hook this up to my current system? (Stupid question but I’m not knowledgeable on hifi!)

Thanks in advance.

I agree with Robert here, an ND5XS2 would be a good addition to your existing system. (Just connect it to your preamp in the same way that you have your CD player connected.
An Atom or other Uniti would be a good way to downsize your system if you want fewer boxes.

The ND5XS2 is a pure source like your CD player and needs to be connected to your NAC in the same way. The Atom is a source plus amplifier, so you would be duplicating your amp. The Atom HE is effectively a source plus preamp so you’d be duplicating the preamp.

They all cost the same, but getting the ND5XS2 involves no redundancy, so likely to give you the best sound per pound. It also comes with the required interconnect, I think, and would be the simplest option to connect up.


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A number of us on this forum have them hooked up to a pre. In my case that is from the preamp outputs at the back using a phono to DIN lead into the AUX socket on my NAC 82.

The volume on mine is set at 50%, others have set theirs higher. I leave it fixed at 50% and use the volume on the NAC, which will be at a level similar to the phono source for the record player, and much higher than the CD.

I’m not sure this enables the Atom to give its absolute best, but it is still an extraordinary unit. Eventually I expect I will go the whole hog and get an NDX2, but need a better broadband first.

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In different places I have both ND5XS2 and Atom. I like the Atom a lot - it is much better than I expected - but to my ear the ND5XS2 with decent amplification is noticeably better on detail and grip.


Many thanks

Thank you, I’ll go for the ND5 XS2.

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Many thanks.

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