Uniti Atom and artwork?

Hi all, just joined as i took delivery today of my Atom. I wanted to downsize in boxes so have replaced my Primare i21 amp, squeezebox touch and bushmaster dac with it. So far very happy with the sound etc… and have found myself today involuntarily aping my feet away whilst listening.

My question is i have a 3 month trial to Amazon music but it doesn’t show any artwork on the player, is that normal and is it because its using chromecast to stream it? The artwork is showing fine when playing from my NAS and on Spotify so i’m assuming its a Amazon issue. Also if the track laying fromAmazon is either HD or Ultra HD it stutters for the first couple of seconds, again doesn’t happen on Spotify or NAS so i’m guessing something to do with buffering the track?

Otherwise very happy so far. Will keep playing with Amazon and maybe try a Tidal sub too for comparison.

Welcome to the forum.

Artwork will only display if the app used supports it properly many don’t implement Chromecast very well. Amazon Music also doesnt support HD over Chromecast.

"Which Android devices support Amazon Music HD?
Most Android devices running Android Lollipop, released in 2014, or later support HD/Ultra HD playback. However, Android devices vary widely in quality and purpose, so we advise checking manufacturer specifications for HD/Ultra HD support.

At this time Amazon Music HD is not supported on Chromecast."

Thanks for the reply. Does that mean then when casting Amazon music its down sampling to 320 the same as Spotify outputs? Im currently listening to a supposed Ultra HD album but after pressing the cast button to go to the Atom if i go into the now playing screen on my phone it says HD instead of Ultra HD? But in the Naim app it just says “casting Amazon Music” so im confused whether its HD or 320?

If so how does anyone get their Amazon HD playing on their hifi equipment?

Just 320 MP3 I am afraid. Amazon’s app and operation procedures are some what wrong and a black box. There are not many hifi implementations.of Amazon this is why it sucks big time. Bluesound kit does and perhaps Sonos up to 48/25 then it’s their own rubbish. Some use a PC into a DAC. But then it’s still not correct as it has no way of changing sampling rates based on material so it outputs upsampling to the highest rate your DAC supports for everything or what rate you os is set to. It’s crap I would not recommend it for any hifi setup period. Tidal and Qobuz do things correctly here and are properly integrated into hifi.

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