Uniti atom and power amp

Well, only time will tell, a lot of money riding on it now lol.

I’d like to thank everyone for their input on this, you have all been very, very helpful.

I’m going to order my phono to din lead shortly.,if anyone would like to post including a url link to the lead I need that would be great.

I will let everyone know what I think of this upgrade when it arrives and my ears have made their up their minds

Again thank you all

Stay safe and well

There you go: https://www.flashbacksales.co.uk/acatalog/2-x-phono-rca-plugs-naim-style-4-pin-din-premiere-cable-21.html#SID=4

Edit: I bought the gold plated RCA plugs (18GBP extra).

Thank you. I will go on your recommendation regarding the phonos as well, for £18 more and for what I’ve just spent it’s not much of a sacrifice

Thanks again

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Just added a NAP 200 to the Atom and it made a massive difference - more clarity, body, bass and smoothness. Cannot recommend enough.


Thank you very much for that post
I’m really looking forward to getting mine setup.

So well worth the upgrade then?
What made you add the NAP 200 ?

I felt that through the LS50’s, I wasn’t getting the heft that I was expecting. I have a good dealer in town who suggested adding an amp - he gave me a shot of a 200 and a Rega Elicit-R (integrated). The Rega was muddy when using the Atom as the source, whereas the 200 was just spot on. Hard to demo at the moment I know, but that’s my experience. Guess it will be dependent on your speaker choice also. One other thing, at the very least use a Powerline Lite for the 200. I noticed a substantial uplift in sound quality when I switched this in for the basic kettle lead provided.

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Hello everyone. I want to add to my system naim uniti atom. My system is: M Fidelity A3.5 amp, A3.5 CD player and sonus faber liuto speakers. Do you guys think that uniti atom will fit my system especially with my MF A3.5 amp? Whats your suggestions? Thank you.

Hi, if you already have an amp you like, the amp in the Atom would be redundant. For a similar price you could get an ND5XS2 to use with your amp, which would give you better sound quality than the Atom.

Thank you for your comment. ND5XS2 seems to be pricey. Instead, do you suggest BLUESOUND NODE2i? Will be a distinct difference between them as musical quality?

The ND5XS2 is only £150 more than the Atom.

The ND5XS2 is about the same price as an Atom, which is why I suggested it. I haven’t heard the Bluesound, but sure, there are plenty of cheaper options around.

So in your setup, what is it you feel the Atom is doing for you? Working as a preamp? I’m asking as I don’t quite understand where it fit’s in; you have your Mac Mini as a source and the 200 as a power amp which, from what I understand, makes your Atom a preamplifier.

I did hear a ND5XS2 with a Nait XS3 and it sounds wonderful and really musical. And doesn’t take up much space. I guess I’m still trying to work out where a Uniti fits in if ‘bits’ get added when having dedicated separates will always be superior.

I will give your Ulrich Schnauass, A Forgotten Birthday track a spin later on my Star/Neats

As much as I read, the “source” is just for streaming (here: Roon), i.e. there’s still “network” in between.
Hence the Atom works a both streamer/DAC, and pre-amp. (Which is, what you get, when “replacing” the power-amp of the Atom with an external one.)

Absolutely correct. We bought the Atom because of its minimal footprint and the modern streaming platform. We have had several high-end setups over the years with much larger footprints and now we wanted something small and easy to operate. The Atom is perfect in that respect. However, I felt something was missing with the Dynaudio’s, hence the NAP200 was added. This ‘degraded’ the Atom to a preamplifier and streamer indeed. The Mac Mini runs Roon with TIDAL for serious listening and music exploration, but often we just use the Naim app which works fine as well.

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