Uniti Atom and speaker advice


Can anyone advise me ?

I currently have a (old) Rotel RA 01 Amp driving two sets of speakers Kef Q series iQ7 and Mordaunt Short speakers MS902S. The speakers are located in a lounge (Keff) and kitchen (MS).

I am considering investing in a streamer to substitute for the Rotel amp and presently looking at the Naim Uniti Atom. I have also a Muso 1st gen in a different room. The later is most satisfying!

However, the Atom only has sufficient speaker outputs for one set of speakers and I really need it to run, though rarely at the same time, both sets of speakers. Is there a work around for this? A remote switcher for example?

Yes, I know the speakers would benefit from an upgrade but that will have to come later!

Any advice? All possibilities explored within budget!

Back in the day I would have just used a QED manual speaker switch. Your Atom dealer should be able to advise current solutions of which I suspect there are a few. Long term you could pop a Qb in the second zone …

I thought about a QB and maybe I still am…

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