Uniti Atom and Speakers

Does anyone use KEF Meta LS50 speakers with a Uniti Atom? Do you enjoy the sound of that combination?

I have a pair of KEF LS50s and Atom, but it’s too early to give an opinion in my room. I fired it up for the first time just this morning to check that everything was working but still have a load of work to install it. The thing it does have is the WAF and I’ll have to make compromises with positioning in our living room. However, first impressions…ok. Not close to my main system, but also very listenable. Needs more tweaking I think.

I would like to know what your main system is as a comparison and what you thought is missing. Thank you. Dean

The system in my man cave comprises of NDX2 & XPS DR, NAC 282 & HiCap Dr, NAP250 driving ProAc D2Rs aided by a pair of REL T9i subs. So an unfair comparison really.
I briefly swapped in the KEFs into this and I thought they sounded pretty good. Our living room’s bigger and I sensed that the Atom had to work harder to achieve sound volumes I like and I think that down the line I might have to slip in a sub.
The biggest niggle from yesterday was that although the Naim app recognised the Atom and so did Tidal, Roon wasn’t playing ball. Hmmmm…

I use the Metas with my Atom and I love them ,they are a perfect combination .

Just do a quick forum search; there are numerous topics about the Uniti Atom and speaker pairing …

Which subwoofer are you thinking about? A KEF KC62? Or something else? It is a bit difficult to swallow that the KC62 is as expensive as a pair of Metas! However, I read excellent reviews about the KC62. My Neighbor across the street is an audio dealer and he has a Naim Uniti and KEF Metas at home and a JL Audio Subwoofer that was not working. Next week I will go to his store and listen to his setups there.
It is nice talking with you.
Thank you.

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