Uniti Atom and USB okayback

I have a Naim Uniti Atom and have been using a playlist on a USB drive in the front USB input. It has been playing fine for a couple of years, but this past month it won’t start and I have to skip down about 10 tracks before it will play again. sometimes if I try to play track 5 for instance, it will play then stop again. and the unit will shut down, not just go to sleep.
Anyone out there have similar issues and any ideas on how to fix?
Thanks. Harvey

Have you tried a full power off shut down and restart of the Atom?

So put it to sleep with a long press of the power button. Then unplug the power lead from the power socket, wait half a minute or so, then plug the power lead back in and let it fully restart. Then try your USB playlist again.

I would definitely start with what David suggested. I have had a similar issue when the tracks were not at the location the playlist is pointing to, so worth checking that also. Has anything changed with the playlist or USB drive contents? Have you added/removed stuff from it recently?

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