Uniti Atom as a pre-amp - "Over-current condition detected"

I have recently tried to use the Uniti Atom as a pre-amp only, connecting the power amp to the pre-out connections, and off course the leaving speaker connections empty as the speakers go into the power amp.

However, when I increase the volume above 35-40% the Atom clips and shows the following message:

“Amplifier over-current condition detected. Reduce volume and check loudspeaker connections then press ok to proceed”.

Any idea how this can come without any load on the power amp and with no speakers connected to the Atom?


That seems odd. I wonder if there is an issue with the lead, or maybe the power amp. Could you provide details of what these are, as it may help.

That does sound odd. The speaker connectors are definitively not connected to anything?

Maybe one for your dealer to look into or perhaps ask Naim support.

I have used my Atom (the previous one, not my current HE) for years like this without any issues. So sounds odd indeed.

Edit: just seen “without connected speaker” :slight_smile:

It doesn’t sound odd, it depends also on connected loudspeakers.

I’ve had this problem an a Star and on Nova, especially with speakers with some impedancy near to 2.5 Ohm. There is simply a limit which was no there with NAP 250DR.

Btw, which amp is Atom, Star and Nova based on?

It seems to be working now. Changed the RCA cable and rebooted the Atom.
No clipping yet. Crossing my fingers…

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Bad news, clipping is back on a random basis. I have tried to reset and unplug everything, but the amp clips even without anything connected on the input/output in the rear.

Very strange. After a hard reset (pulling the mains cable) It gets better for a while, but after some time the error comes back.

Any ideas? Otherwise I need to bring the amp to my dealer I guess…

Back to the dealer, that would be my advice. I never ever had this issue with my Atom in the years I used it as a preamp. Bummer though. I hope it gets fixed soon.


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