Uniti Atom bookshelf speaker choice

Possibly need a system for a ‘smaller’ home. So my current NDX/ATC etc… setup is totally out! In fact NDX etc… might well be going back into the boxes for a year :frowning: So I’m thinking of the atom. Can anyone please suggest some options for bookshelf speakers to suite the atom? When I say ‘bookshelf’ I mean they might well be sat on a sideboard or similar i.e. standmount not really an option here.

Oh and not expensive… this is a temporary thing and funds are tight.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Have a look at the Neat Iota, they partner well with the Atom


Not expensive … not sure what that means but I can really recommend Harbeth P3ESR if they fit your budget.
They work great with an Atom.

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I second the Neat Iotas. They’ve been paired with my Atom for 18 months, getting better and better. Terrific bass for their size, and so musical. Well worth a demonstration.


The Iotas look ideal… not expensive and they look good which should satisfy ‘her indoors’.

Cheers :slight_smile:


If sitting the Iota on a cabinet or shelf do you suggest using some sound adsorption feet or similar?

Out of the box suggestion if funds really are tight: Muso 2? Half the price of Atom/Iota and easy to move to another location when your NDX setup comes back into play.


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It seems possible to use the Atom sans a phone/app which is a BIG plus for me/us. Hence ruling out the Muso.

Mine sit on a tiled recess above the bed, either side of the Atom, and I found that a cheap(ish) set of stick on rubbery feet supplied by my dealer eliminated a slight boomyness perfectly. Can’t recall the make, but seem to remember they were about £15 for set of 4. I reckon any rubber feet off eBay would do the same job. As ever, I wouldn’t buy anything unless it proves necessary. I’m sitting here in my bedroom listening chair with a coffee whilst my better half enjoys her cup of tea in bed as Little Feat’s Kickin’ It At The Barn plays - sounds superb! Final thought - suggest you use reasonable cable. I use Chord Odyssey which works very well.

Thanks for all the advice…

Might I ask, how easy is it to use the Atom sans a mobile phone or tablet i.e. no app. ?

If your source is going to be a NAS for streaming I think you have to use the App. If you simply want it for listening to internet radio you can, once you’ve set it up with favourite channels, just use the remote. I do think to get the most out of it you’ll need to buy a cheap and cheerful tablet.

I have a pair of ISO Acoustic’s stands under my Iota’s on a desktop, I did try a couple of brick pavers under each one and that tightened everything up…including my wife’s face when she saw them!

My only concern with the Iota is that to my ears they have to be played loud to sound “correct “, at a-low to medium volume they don’t work for me.

This is with a Superuniti

You can usually get a very good discount online for these, but I would urge you to listen first.


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With the new streamers, you cannot control the (UPnP) server input with the remote, you need to use the app. So even if you can do without an internet connection, you may need to put a WAP on it.

The Muso has radio presets available on the top dial accessible without app and via remote too I think. So in terms of use sans app it’s no better or worse then the Atom, on either device you need the app to access any music beyond iradio. The new Muso sounds like a good suggestion for your situation


ISTR this is why I went for a Roberts radio last year.

Why, so that you can use it with UPnP and the Naim app?! :crazy_face:

No mobile phones or tablets in the house.

The Roberts radio has good old fashioned buttons on it. Want to change the volume then just press a button. Actually quicker than getting phone out of your pocket, unlocking, going to app, pressing screen button!

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I’m sure they work, but they are dog ugly - I know the sound has to take precedence over form but…!

Then you would be better off with an older Naim streamer like a Unitiqute that allows full control from the remote.