Uniti Atom + CD Player vs Uniti Star

Currently have an Atom with Sonus Faber Lumina II speakers. Love it.

Still have a CD collection that I’d like to use so wondering whether I should replace the Atom with a Star (can get refurb for £2.5k) or just add a CD player like a Marantz 6007 to the Atom? About £350.

Reviews suggest that the extra power of the Star (70W) provides slightly better sound quality than the Atom (40W) but is it worth the extra investment?

Interested in all opinions. Thanks.

Why not just rip the CDs and listen to them on the Atom using upnp. You can always look at the CD leaflets while listening.


I have an Atom and I ripped all my CD’s and played them via Roon. Problem is I couldn’t bring myself to sell/give away all my CD’s and LP’s so ended up buying a CD Transport and a turntable too! I still use Roon but stuff I own get’s played not streamed now!


As you say you love the combination of the Atom and SF speakers, I would think you would find the upgrade to the Star to be marginal at best. On the down side, you loose flexibility in that the CD player is physically part of the unit so if something goes wrong (or if you move more in the direction of streaming only) you will be stuck with the CD section you perhaps don’t want. Also, in my experience, CD players with their greater number of moving parts are more likely to break down than the electronics only boxes.

So my suggestion would be to go with a separate CD player and perhaps think about getting a Core in the future.

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Good point on flexibility. A separate CD player might be better than an all in one. I hadn’t considered that.

A CD transport might be a better idea. Was looking at a Cambridge Audio one actually.

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Highly recommended, very happy with mine.

With your Atom or Star?

Neither… through either my XS3 or currently a Technics SUG700M2.

OK. so what is highly recommended? I’m easily confused :grinning:


Er…the Cambridge CXC transport.

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OK. Got it. Thanks.

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A CD transport seems to be a good choice. I use Audiolab CDT 6000 with very good result (via Audioquest Coax Carbon digital cable to the Atom).


Thanks, this seems like good advice to me. I’m going to look at a separate CD player or transport. Transport probably fine as the DAC in the Atom is decent.

I’m using an Audiolab 6000CDT with my Atom, as many here seem also be to be. Quite frankly the best I’ve ever heard CD sound.


Since the Atom digitizes it’s analogue input, I guess using one of the digital inputs on the Atom is advisable.

Yes, spot on. Pointless going through a DAC then an ADC.

Same as me and I am also well pleased with the sound I get out of the pairing :sunglasses:

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Interesting feedback, thanks all. So far it seems:

  • The change from Atom to Star is unlikely to make a major difference so I’m as well sticking to the Atom. I also agree with the idea that keeping the streamer and CD player separate is sensible.
  • CD transporter seems the best option to play CDs as I’ve already paid for a good DAC in the Atom.
  • Lots of positive opinions on the Audiolabs 6000 CDT, I will explore that in more detail.
  • In the rabbit hole of google I also discovered the Naim Uniti Core as a CD ripping/storage option. That could be a more expensive option for me to consider if I want to rip the CDs and then put them in the attic! These questions always end up costing me more :grinning:

How did you reach this conclusion? I ask because I was listening to a Star a couple of days ago, and it seemed very clear to me that it was a significant step up from the Atom. If it fulfills all of your needs in a single box I wouldn’t dismiss it without at least a listen.

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