Uniti Atom, Change the home screen

Hi, I ask for the following information … Help,
With the Uniti Atom, the Spotify app / menu item is on the home screen.

I don’t use Spotify, just Tital and Qobuz. How do I get this Spotify off the home screen …?

Thank you so much :wink:

Hi, you can only do this for the Naim app by disabling the input. You can’t do this for the Atom display.

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many thanks for the quick response.

It’s a shame why bloatware is pre-installed on such an expensive, noble device …

It’s a licensing thing, no way around it if you want to support Spotify.

It’s a link, not bloatware.

Some people buying at this level will expect it to work instantly with Spotify as that’s all they have experienced. Just ignore it.

(Anyway I guess you can turn it off in setup so it vanishes?)



Unfortunately not

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