Uniti atom cover freeze

its happen when i play naim radio and i change station or play tidal, naim dont change cover its freezed ivturn it off then on its same, last time help when i disconnect power cord, ive try with clear cover and database but useless

Seems to be a common issue. Not sure why it is so difficult to fix. Latest firmware update was supposed to solve this problem.

Cycling the power to the atom resets everything. I need to do this 2 to 3 times a week…,


I would suggest reporting it to Naim support, giving them as much inform ion as you can about the conditions when the screen freeze occurs.

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Naim dont respond i send few mails on support

Did you get a ticket number? You should have received something to say your mail has been received. I guess they will then contact you if more info is needed.

I have to disconnect the power cord on almost a daily basis in order to reset my Nova due to a persistent screen freeze.

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Best way around this right now is to go into the app, Settings, Other Setting, Clear Image Cache - I do this every few days and never get the freezing screen :slight_smile:


Thanks for the tip.:+1:

I pray that this will work!:smiley:

However, if it indeed does help to solve the issue with”screen freeze” it raises the question: why did not Naim support come up with this idea/solution when contacting them?:face_with_monocle:

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possibly because I hear they are working on a permanent fix that works for all. Giving them as much info as possible from as many users as possible who experience the issue helps a great deal. I do know they are determined to lick the problem, but with so many variables at play, it’s probably a tricky one to nail down quickly.


Thanks for the feedback.

I will keep my fingers crossed and hope that this will be resolved.

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