Uniti Atom Crashing


Just updated the firmware to the latest version yesterday.

When starting the Atom, it now has a blank screen (audio working) which I can only resolved by removing the power lead and completing a full reset.

Any help or advice would be appreciated?

I generally run the device via Roon software, from an intel nuc connected to the same router, but the same thing happens if I start the Atom from the front power button or remote.



I would normally complete a factory reset if there are any issues after a firmware update.

A reset can be done by following these steps

  1. Firstly unplug any connected speakers and the power cable.

  2. Press the Play/ Pause and Inputbuttons on the front panel while powering up the Uniti Atom.

  3. Continue to hold for 5 seconds.

  4. Release the Play/ Pause and Inputbuttons.

  5. Wait for the Uniti Atom to complete the factory reset and go into Stand-by.

  6. Press the Power button to power up the product.

Hope this helps.


Thanks Peter, will give it a go and see what happens.



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