Uniti Atom Error

Suddenly my NAIM Atom says “Amplifier developing an overcurrent situation”. Has anyone ever had this before? One channel is much quieter than the other…

I would check that your speaker connection is solid and with no strands of cable touching anywhere

There was a comment about this on another forum but in a relation to a Nova. Owner said he unplugged the Nova and left it like that for a while, then it was ok, but that does not sound like a long term solution to me.

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Speakers and connections are not the issue. My other amp runs with out any problem

So you have actually checked the connections on the back of the Atom and going into the speakers?
You didn’t mention that in your original post which is why I suggested it.
If it’s not the speakers or cables, as ruled out by trying your “other amp”, I think you’ve answered your own question.
There is a fault with the Atom.
A full re-boot “might” cure it but otherwise, it’ll need taking to your dealer.

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