Uniti Atom Firmware Question

Since upgrading to version 2.6.1 (can’t remember exactly when!), which solved an artwork display issue, my Atom has run flawlessly, and I’m totally content with SQ.

I’ve recently realised just how behind the curve I am now - I believe the latest version is up to 3.4? My question is: have I anything to gain by updating, or would I be at risk of encountering some of the issues which seem to plague a proportion of Uniti owners?

My natural inclination is to leave well alone, let sleeping dogs lie etc. until (if ever) I encounter a problem. I still have painful memories of self inflicted issues when upgrading versions of computer operating systems simply because they were available, and wishing I’d left things as they were!

Any thoughts/opinions/observations?

I’m not going to attempt to remember all of the various fixes there have been since your last update, but there have been some, as well as native Qobuz support. To my ears, the latest version also sounds very good, so personally, I would do the update. Still, if you are happy with what you’ve got, there’s no harm in sticking.

I’m on 3.4.0 and running flawlessly, Star and Atom, were pretty flawless on 3.3.0 as well TBH. I’m not a Qobuz user.

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