Uniti Atom frequent issues - should I look at changing?

Hi - My Atom seems to have developed several well known issues all at the same time.
The most annoying is standby/no response/power button flashing.
As suggested in several threads, powering down, leaving a few minutes then powering back up does always fix the issue - it’s just that it now happens every day.
The screen doesn’t always turn off during playback (it is set to do so) - this happens every couple of days
Display freezes - common I know, but I thought this was fixed in the last update.
Lastly the volume doesn’t display all the time - at least several times a day.
The remote/app will change it, but doesn’t register on screen.

As I said, powering down always fixes the problems, but it is becoming a pain.
Are these particular issues being addressed for the next update?

I am only using the Atom really as a streamer (and obviously pre amp due to outputs) so have been considering an ND5 SX2 as an alternative, but would miss the screen (when it works)
Can’t stretch to an NDX2 just yet, so my other option would potentially be Auralic.

The rest of the system is a Rega - P6 and an Elicit R ( Atom pre out connected to direct input) with Neat momentum speakers.
I’m not sure if there is a “British” sound, however It is a very balanced system, and all the components seem to work well together.

Any thoughts re the atom issues appreciated, and advice re auditioning alternatives once lockdown eases

Are you running the most recent firmware version, and have you contacted your dealer / naim support about this?

Hi - am on the latest version - the issues have only really started since the update. Have noticed a few threads regarding the last update/added issues

Have it running at the moment - only current problem is the volume display (or lack of)
Rebooting didn’t help this time - this issue usually just starts working again without apparent reason
Not spoken directly with naim support.
Had the unit for about 18 months - original dealer now disappeared.

The previous firmware update did apparently not fix all of the screen freeze and reboot issues, but another update is more or less imminent and was working well for the beta users.

I also experienced the display not turning off during playback, this was traced back to an occasionally slow DHCP response and I believe was also fixed for the next update. (Though in my case the DHCP response slowness was transient and resolved itself, and once it did the issue also disappeared even without the beta update)

As you suffer so much from the issues, it seems that it would make sense for you to contact beta@naimaudio.com and ask to be included in the beta group. In the best case you get the solution early and can confirm that it helps, in the worst case you can tell the developers that it is still not fixed completely

Thanks - fingers crossed the next update will address the issues I’m having.

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