Uniti Atom hard-resetting itself

Hi all!

  Just a quick question: in the last two days my Atom has twice performed a 'hard reset' on its own while music is playing through Tidal. First the sound glitches in and out with increasing frequency over about ten seconds and then it resets and shows the boot screen. I'm not overly concerned as since the last update it's performed flawlessy - I've been so happy that Naim have been working hard to iron out bugs and implement features like the radio station search and UI improvements. It really is the dog's danglies now.

Has anyone else experienced that? Should I be worried?


I wish my Nova would make an automatic “hard-reset” every time it had a “screen freeze “. That would be great.:smiley:

If you see this problem again, I would contact your dealer about it. I had a similar problem with my Atom soon after I bought it, but it only happened once, and if you’re getting it regularly, something’s not right.

Okeedoke. Yeah it’s strange, it’s not missed a beat for the last 5 months or so and then twice in the same number of days. Perhaps a poor connection to the router confused it, who knows. Thanks!

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