Uniti atom hdmi enabled?

New to everything here including Uniti atom I was under the impression that unit was hdmi good to go however unit has hdmi socket but no hdmi input select option,can anyone point what I’m missing please?

Have you connected a suitable ARC compatible HDMI lead between the Atom and the ARC HMI socket of your TV?

Yes the supply to the atom has been removed from a sonus sound bar where arc works a treat,the surprising thing is the lack of a hdmi input select on the remote or the app,seems odd to have the socket on the unit but no means of using the function.

Is the Firmware up to date on the Atom?


Have you enabled the input? Go into settings. Then Input Settings. Then HDMI. Then enable.

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Try this:


From what I understand from the opening post, the OP is saying there’s no HDMI input option there to enable.

Unfortunately the choice of inputs available in the options you have shown is not the same as the one Iam seeing on the atom fewer inputs altogether.

That’s bizarre. I can only think worth doing the usual cycle of options like factory reset in that case. Don’t think any ‘non HDMI’ Atoms would have shopped with an HDMI socket, so must be a glitch ?

Yes it seems more than bizarre,have done factory reset and exactly the same,not giving up yet given the hardware is present. If no one can help it maybe a case of being patient until naim tech returns after Christmas holidays.

When Mrs Si is watching Emmerdale , I’ll steal myself away and see if I can erase an input I don’t use. Should then be able to reverse the procedure.

On my Star, if I disable HDMI then it disappears from the app input menu.


That’s not good

See image just taken of my atom input screen.
Clearly shows HDMI input.

Duplicate thread HDMI input not showing on Atom input selection

Unit firmware is saying it is upto date at 3.8.0(5355) can someone confirm this is the current firmware please?.

Should be, yes. Can you post screenshots of your app’s input selections?

Hi there.

I sold my Naim Atom. This was the HDMI verison, but I have never connected anything as it was only ever used in a second hi-fi system. However, the buyer has said that the HDMI connector is not available from the remote or the app.

Any clues as to what might be going on here (apart from the obvious answer that this is not an HDMI version even though it has the connector and it was sold to me as an HDMI version. I bought this about the time Naim stopped making thi non-HDMI Atom).

Thanks for any help.