Uniti Atom HDMI not working

I know there is a fair amount of discussion on the topic of HDMI issues, but I haven’t been able to come up with a solution. I purchased my first piece of Naim equipment in the form of a uniti atom. Bought some Audioquest Rocket 33 bi-wire cables, hooked it up, subscribed to a couple of hi-rez streaming services and was off. It sounds great on the B&W 803’s.
Next, came the issues. Hooking the HDMI cable to the eARC output on LG nanocell and to atom HDMI, checking tv settings and selected eARC output - nothing….at first. Then a sound that I’d call a rhythmic static. Atom shows 48khz, so it thinks it’s getting a signal. Read a hundred posts on a number of boards. Seems power cycling would help - nope. Maybe my HDMI cable was no good. So I bought a new Audioquest HDMI Vodka, waited two day for it to arrive. Hooked it up (minding the arrows) still the same. I’m at a loss on what to try next. I want the atom to let my tv play through it, or it’s not as valuable to me as I’d expected.
Any advice on ANYTHING to try?

If you get something like “static”, the TV most likely sends a multi-channel stream, which the Atom cannot decode.
You have to set the TV to stereo/PCM output.

At least something to check/try.

And me use “ARC only” (no eARC), if some setting Ike this exists.

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Use the optical output from the TV to Atom.

I know that’s not your problem (yet), but rarely a good idea

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The DAC in the Atom is 2 channel and cannot decode a multichannel bitstream signal. As advised above, you need to set your TV to output 2 channel PCM.

Thanks I’ll try looking for a PCM setting. I’ll follow up if it works

My frustration is over. The PCM option worked like a charm and the new Vodka cable is singing.
Thank you to the forum for the help.


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