Uniti Atom HE- is there an additional power amp match to drive Diana TC's?

HI, I have a Uniti Adam HE . Love all the capabilities etc. However driving power hungry headphones like Diana TC seems a stretch? Any Naim power addition solution?

The only other headphone amp from Naim would be the headline which you could power with a hicap, but the atom he was designed to be able to drive anything.
£4249 headphones? I’d think I’d choose something other than the atom possibly.

What do you think of the Focal Utopia’s with the Uniti HE?

I looked at the Ifi Idvd signature pair amp and streamer etc but the interface seems not existent or at least cumbersome? any thoughts

The utopias should match well with the he, the entire focal range is at the uk factory so I’m sure would have been used during r&d phase.
Confirmed by Clare NEW! Uniti Atom Headphone Edition – and streaming pre-amp! - #232 by clare.newsome

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The Atom HE was designed in mind around the Utopias and sound great. I’m listening to mine right now.

Can confirm that the HE drives the Utopias and Stellias very nicely

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And Focal Clear MG.

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