Uniti Atom HE selection bitton

I have good headphones plugged into XLR at the back and a headphone amp plugged into the line out for a ‘basic’ pair of headphones (for podcasts etc.).
The selector button on the front left needs, on occasion, repeated pressing to get the headphone amp to lock.
What’s happening here?

why dont you just use one of the headphone connectors on the front?

I can see why the OP may want to use the XLR connector at the rear. I have mine set up that way so that the headphones stay connected all the time, and when I want to use the power amp and speakers, I just press the switch on the front. (I don’t find any difference in sound quality.) Why the OP would want to use the pre-amp out to drive another headphone amp would be interesting to know. It would be much simpler I would think to just use the front connectors.

Folks, it appears that we have deviated from the original topic (interesting as it is). It is the repeated pressing of the button (‘bitton’!? fogive the title :upside_down_face:) that interests me. Something is not quite right here.

This is very deliberate. When I bought the unit, I assumed that the selector button would cycle through all the respective outputs so that I could have two (or more) headphones connected and use only the one I needed at any one time (serious listening or podcasts etc.). To find that it simply switches between line out and headphones was very disappointing (Naim, I think, missed a trick here).
The reason that I have the unit configured the way that I have is so that I get the benefit of two heaphones without both playing at the same time as, apparently, to have more than one headphone plugged in at the same time reduces the SQ of the unit. There is method in my madness.

I think I had this twice on mine. But both times was a case of “did I not just press that?” rather than actively pressing the button for it to engage.

Working on nothing here but a hunch but have you power cycled the unit? That is pull the power cord, made a cup of tea, and plugged power in again to restart the unit?

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