Uniti Atom HE

Hi, just set up my Uniti Atom HE.
Apologise for being a bit thick but I thought that you could leave more than one pair plugged in and switch to your choice.
Got a pair in the 4 pin xlr and a pair in the front 6.3mm jack.
How do I switch between the 2?
Once again apologies if it’s a stupid question?


Welcome to the forum!

You can’t do that unfortunately. All plugged in headphones remain powered when the headphone button light at the top left is on.

It is said that you get best performance if only one set of headphones is connected but the HE is more than capable of powering multiple headphones. I am unable to detect a difference when I have both my Focal Clear Mg and Celestee connected vs one at a time.


Thanks for the reply.
Also, with the 4 pin xlr on it’s own I am getting no sound but as soon as I put another psir in the front 6.35mm I get sound from 4 pin?
Apologies for being a bit thick!!

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This might help?

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The 4 pin at the back does not auto activate the headphone outputs. But if you plug something into the front it does. So that will activate the 4 pin as well. But when you plug headphones out the front it deactivates headphones and switches to pre-amp. Then the 4 pin will also go quiet.

If you want to run just the 4 pin you need to press the button top left with the headphone icon on it.

Brilliant, all sorted, thank you.

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Glad to hear. Enjoy your HE, it really is a beautiful device.

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