Uniti Atom Headphone Edition

Hi, first post, just got a pre-owed HE. I have my CD collection ripped to a hard drive, two problems:

When an album finishes the unit default to the main display, it takes several clicks of the remote control to get back to USB and my music collection, not a problem if listening to Abba, but ZZ Top takes a long time to get back to.

Is this fixable, I can use the back button and browse my albums rather than go through this irritating procedure every time.

No album covers on the display, or the app. I spent several hours getting .jpg covers and putting them in the folders, more often than not only the track titles appear on the display.

Even with official releases with booklet and covers, nothing. I tried the ‘rebuilding music database’, don’t want to use the clear image cache in case it deletes my covers.

Very disappointing, one of the main reasons I bought this was because of the display expecting I could scroll through album booklets and see an album cover, I get text and a generic USB icon on the app.

How many files are on the drive, and for how long has the uniti been allowed to scan it?
Are you selecting it from server or usb?

Have you tried enabling server mode and accessing the usb that way?
May help, may not. Apologies if not.

***Sorry Robert, just read your post!

Have a look in the Server input under Local Music. You’ll see the music on your USB drive there and will be able to browse metadata and see album artwork.

You don’t need to enable server mode unless you want to give other UPnP client devices on your network to access the music files too.

Understood Chris… I think I meant that!

I have a 2TB m.2 drive that’s mostly full. Looking as the servers and local music, album covers pop up. Now I have to figure out how to play the albums, it seem clunky as hell, pushing the play button doesn’t work.

You need to select the album, then all will be revealed to you.

Did you bother to read the online user instructions for the Atom HE? No?? Why ever not?

Are there specific on line instructions for the Atom HE?

Beyond https://www.naimaudio.com/sites/default/files/products/downloads/files/QSG-ATOM_HEADPHONES-FINAL%20CROP.pdf

And welcome to the Forum! You will become familiar with your Atom HE, I take it you have paired it with the remote and you are using the Focal Naim app on your phone? The app is more powerful than it looks and I generally don’t use the remote much these days. There is a learning curve… but eventually things will work out.

I tried, what that the small black booklet that transforms into a poster. I had a Stroke a few years back, no way I am getting through that, lol.

It is hit and miss at the moment, the app goes back to the picture of my Uniti device, then the main setting menu and then I have to press ‘server’ and then I get all the categories.

I will leave it a while so it scan everything, maybe it will settle down.

On a very large library the search function can also be of big help to speed finding the right things.

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