Uniti Atom headphone socket - streaming amp

Hi all - first post.

I’m currently smoking an Oppo Ha-1 headphone amp. Superb. Class A toroidal. Every connection you could ask for. Great sound.

One problem - no streaming element so I’ve been using a little modified raspberry PI called an Innous Wave mated to Squeezebox on my computer.

The Naim Uniti Atom looks amazing, because it incorporates streamer, DAC, amplifier, speaker connections etc.

BUT - then they go an put a silly little 3.5mm headphone connection on the front of it!

I’m finding it almost impossible to source a single unit streamer with a really good headphone section in it too.

Obvious choice is this Cambridge Audio NQ…except…£3,500!

A truly fantastic streaming preamp

What are your thoughts / suggestions please?



Adam, welcome to the forum. Please ensure you have read and understood forum rules.

I note that you have two identical threads started in different rooms. I’m going to close this one so the other one in the Hifi Corner can run.