Uniti Atom - How to Select Qobuz with the Remote?

I received my Atom on Monday and I love it. But why can’t I select Qobuz from the remote? The round-robin input selection of the remote does not show Qobuz, even though this input is enabled and can be used from the app. Thinking about this, I wondered whether it made sense to be able to select a streaming service from the remote, but Spotify is selectable by remote…

The Server, Tidal and Qobuz inputs cannot be controlled from the remote. Don’t ask me why! Spotify can only be selected as an input, but Spotify Connect is controlled only from the Spotify app.

Say you could select the Qobuz input via the app. Once selected, what do you then do? You can’t select the album to play via the remote, so you use the app, which you may as well have just done in the first place.

It’s a bit of a mystery why the remotes and screens on the new Unitis and streamers don’t have as useful usability as the older versions where you could pick up your remote and scroll through your on-line or local server using a tree type menu……

I initially expected to be able to return to the Qobuz album that was previously playing before I selected a different input. Then I got the point that you made, and thought that maybe it doesn’t make much sense to do what I was proposing. Then I started to wonder why the Spotify input can be selected with the remote. The logic in this functionality appears inconsistent to me.

Not to mention why anyone would choose piano black for a remote control! CSI would have a field-day with the fingerprints I’ve left on mine.

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I think it’s because Spotify is not built in, it’s an external source, so you can select Spotify and then use your phone to pick an album, just like selecting CD player and choosing a CD. Qobuz and Tidal are internal. It sort of makes sense.

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That definitely makes sense.

The cool remote would be something like that : one remote to control music, tv, and the Naim or Roon app.

Exactly that! The best you could do is mark a Qobuz album or playlist as a preset and then you can select it from the Atom with the remote.

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