Uniti Atom : input-specific volume levels?

Unless I am missing it, I don’t think the Atom offers this.

My sources all require different volume levels for comfortable listening. Record deck / phono stage via analogue, TV via optical, library, Spotify etc

Worst scenario is when I have the volume up for TV listening and the next day I trigger some music from the library which comes on loud enough to make my neighbour jump, let alone me !

Is there a workaround for this somewhere in the settings or could it be added to a future list ?



Thanks so much. I think that’s exactly what I need. I can adjust the optical and analogue trim to match the music sources. Now I know what the feature is called I can do a bit more digging.

Hi, I assume this is what you are looking for (sorry that it is in Dutch). Go to Settings in the app, select your source and adjust the volume.

See below.

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