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I know there are threads regarding the potential of using a Uniti Atom as a pre-amp connecting to NAP 200/250’s - but they tend to be the ‘newer’ classic range. What I haven’t seen so far (which could be indicative of my poor searching) is using a Chrome Bumper vintage NAP 250.

Has anyone tried this as a combination and was happy with the results? Noticed a difference, and if so, for the better?

I know the Atom might be seen as the weak link in the chain (or not - let me know) but I’m not in a position to replace the Atom for the foreseeable, and I’m not looking to chop and change.

The ‘upgrade’ will be either a fully serviced CB NAP 250 - or nothing.


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Interesting one. I am not sure if there is a power supply path on the Atom, but the built in amp is useful.

However I have experimented with a 250 DR run from a UnitiQte (which is a similar architecture to the Atom) as pre-amp and streamer. My reason was to drive a pair of Linn Kan’s of which I am very fond. The Kan’s are quite fussy, with good amps they can sound amazing but lesser amps and they are nothiing special compared to modern options.

The Kan’s do need a strong amplifier and the UnitiQte ran out of puff too easily. But the results with the 250 were pleasing, so yes the 250 was a big step up. I think also the older 250’s are considered classic for very good reasons, they are very good and are known to drive hard loads with ease.

So if your speakers are demanding it should be a good step, and even if they are not I think you will still be happy, but try to test with your own ears first.

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I think it will be an improvement over the Atom’s power amp section. The issue could be that the CB 250 exposes the weaknesses of the pre/streamer stage. I think the only way to find out is to give it a go.


I had not thought about adding a 250 to my ‘Qute. I play it at low levels in my bedroom so don’t drive the Kans hard.

It is not just about loud, the 250 really does have the Naim signature rhythm and speed, detail at low volumes and is very electrically quiet so has a broad soundstage at all levels. But as suggested above it may reveal weakness elsewhere. Worth a try though!


I run an old Olive 250 in my office system. Atom/250/SBL. I did the same when I had a Qute MkI although the Atom is much superior.

Works a treat, and noticeably better than the bare Atom. Cannot see any reason why a CB 250 wouldn’t work fine. S/H you are unlikely to lose much if you don’t like it and just sell it on.



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