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Have just purchased the Atom and was wondering if the screen display is meant to display the multi coloured effect as seen on many videos. I have uploaded an image for reference.

Could anyone please let me know.

Many thanks.


Having recently bought one i was wondering this too. I assumed from all the marketing that the above pic was a screensaver but i dont see any option to do so.

Unfortunately, the marketing department didn’t get the same memo the engineering department did. :laughing:

As far as I can remember that screen only shows during startup. Are you saying that you see it all the time?

They used to show that kind of effect, I think more recent firmware has dispensed with it.

The wavy lines were displayed on the older firmware boot screen, now replaced by the white logo and progress bar. You can still select the wavy lines background for the app on your iOS device though.

Regards alan

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Yes, I rather liked the psychedelic wiggles and the bland startup screen we have now is just, well, bland. So Naim, any chance of giving us back our squiggles, at least as an option?


It might be a memory thing, there have been some issues with the Uniti’s running out of memory and crashing/rebooting, so perhaps they decided to remove any unnecessary memory hogs like the full colour boot image to keep the firmware as minimal as possible.

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