Uniti Atom noise from speakers, help😒

Hello ive buy Naim Uniti Atom and Focal Aria 906, cable is chord clearway 3m long ive notice when im near speaker tweeter around 15cm i hear noise like ssssss i stop music and i hear that sound, only when i turn off atom i dont hear noise, all is up to date, behind atom switch is ground i try floating but same…

That is completely normal. Don’t worry about it.

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Oh good i was going to feel bad about that… do you know why that noise comming from speaker tweeter? Some speaker system dont jave any noise…

There is a technical name for it - maybe quiescent noise or something. It’s because of the way Naim amps are designed. So it’s absolutely fine. Count yourself lucky to have good hearing!!

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I have the same setup but with a Nap200 and never noticed it before so just had a listen for it and yes there is something there so as said before me everything seems the norm.

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