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Hi there,

When defining Atom Playlists through the Focal App where are they stored ?

Is there any way of import or export playlists ?

Thanks in advance for any info about this.

Hi, playlists are stored within the app, so they are unique to the device on which it runs.
You can manually transfer them by playing the playlist then saving the play queue as a new playlist in the app on a different device.
If you have a music server running on your network it may be more versatile to use it to store and manage your playlists.

I use my iPad to create my playlists but when I switch to my Android tablet the playlists are there as well.
So it seems that the playlists are beeing stored elsewhere…

If that’s the case then something has changed since I last looked at this. I don’t have a second device to test it just now, but this never used to be the case. I’m assuming you are referring to locally stored UPnP playlists? Tidal and Qobuz store your playlists on their servers so they are available on any supported app.

Inconsistent results here on my NDX2
The single local playlist of USB LocalMusic media appears on two of my devices, however the UPnP Asset Playlist I created is just on one. Tidal appears on both as I would expect.

I’m talking about playlists created for the ssd disk connected to the usb Atom.

The playlists appear on all my devices (ios and android). That’s why I’m so curious about where they are stored.

Anyone with more ideas where the playlists are stored ?!


I can only see two options, either in the app or on the Atom, so as a new tablet seems to get the playlist, then it sounds like its on the Atom

You are correct, if the playlist contains music on a USB drive it is stored in the streamer. This differs from other playlists which are stored either in the Naim app, or on an external server which streams the music to your Atom. As the Atom uses a built in UPnP server to browse and play from USB I assume that it is this internal server that stores the playlists.
As far as I’m aware there is no way to access these playlists outside of the Naim app, so I don’t think importing or exporting them is possible.

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